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The Producers 2005-12-29

It was okay, though don't feel it really did much that the previous film didn't, not that I've seen it for a while (a decade at least). As luck would have it the house I'm currently typing this from has a copy on DVD, so I may watch that tonight.
I've since watched the original Producers film again - while I still think the recent production was okay, and introduced a few good ideas, I can't see why they remade it. They could just as well have digitally remastered the original and re-released it (or is that not flashy enough?) Things like the Village People spoof were even more painfully out-of-place when compared with the original.

p.s. I know the new film was based on the musical rather than a straight remake of the original film, but I still maintain a digitaly-remastered re-release of the earlier would have been better than this film
That's the last of the 'repeats' - all original reviews from now on!

Tags: comedy, film, film review, musical, remake, review
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