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ghostbusters and basic instinct 2

Ghostbusters (2006-04-04)

Tonight I saw Ghostbusters at the cinema for the first time since it was originally released. While it wasn't exactly an empty theatre at least I didn't have to queue around the block this time (the only other film I can remember that had that long a queue around the same time was The Dark Crystal).
How do you review a film that everyone's seen by now? Not sure I can, I'll just jot down a few things I noticed instead (some of which I'd noticed before).
From the beginning it's actually quite a straight story, though Bill Murray's character comments on proceedings makes sure you can't take it seriously (nor would you want to, if it was really played straight then it would be ridiculous). Some nice little touches, like the horse that Rick Moranis beseeches to join the revolution is shown quite some time before he gets possessed, in a setting shot. Something that had always bothered me (well, at least since I'd acquired critical faculties) was the complete lack of continuity in the second half of the film, switching from day to night to day to night and back to day again, while events seem to take place without pause. Oh, and most of the special effects have aged quite badly, but apart from a few dodgy doggy scenes they don't interfere with enjoyment of the film as a whole (or even in the individual scenes).
Overall I'd have to say I enjoyed watching it now as much as I did back then, though I laughed at completely different times (remember I was just a ickle kid first time around).

Basic Instinct 2 (2006-04-04)

Sequel to Basic Instinct (which I think I saw, once, a long time ago).
Did I ever get around to saying a few words on The Pink Panther? If I did then the only good thing I would have said about it would have been regarding the cityscapes of Paris. Thankfully the views of London we get in this one aren't the only plus point of the film, though unfortunately it doesn't get much better...
Main character is a psychiatrist (or psychoanalyst, something like that) who gets involved with the main suspect in a murder case, who seems to have skipped the USA to murder her way around London. There's supposed to be some mystery over whether it was her or not, but the other main suspects are given such little motive, and she is painted to be so manipulative a person that there doesn't seem any point adding a potential twist. Maybe if they'd handled the earlier scenes differently there could have been a real element of uncertainty.
Think I'm going to ramble on about how homesick it made me for London, with the city and Canary Wharf being depicted wonderfully. Soho was pretty cringeworthy though - while some parts of it were authentic, others were completely over the top - it's supposed to be London, not Amsterdam - we don't have window displays here!
Nice to see so many British actors and London locations in a mainstream movie, and it largely keeps away from the usual kitschness that Hollywood uses when basing a story in the UK, but the sanitorium in a stately home looks a tad expensive...
That's enough rambling for me - bedtime now.
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