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The Goth label sure gets attached to a lot of things these days. Of course, many of these are based more on literary or celluloid genre than post-punk yoof movements.

The Scotsman is going through a Gothic phase, specifically in relation to cinema-going.
The first article briefly mentions old cinemas in a Gothic style (along with Art Deco) and calls for a new architecture for new cinemas, and has quite a few interesting ideas for concept cinemas. Pretty sure the 20-person cinemas would get hammered by licencing restrictions though, unless a new licence for small cinemas was created.

Next up is what sounds like a Edinburgh Film Festival fringe event - Future Cinema at Club Ego - with performers, installation artists, short films and features. In this case the feature is Nosferatu.

The Independent also gets in on the Edinburgh film action, describing punk-rock movie Brothers of the Head as a hellish gothic story. More interesting to us lot though, is news that Colour Me Kubrick is getting a showing. Not mentioned in the review, but a fair amount of Goth-types appear in this as extras (in a nightclub scene, if I recall correctly).

Edinburgh isn't the only place with film festivals, of course, and in Oberhausen Gothic-beatnik mash-ups are the order of the day, in the form of Hauling Toto Big (never heard of it, and don't understand what the description means, for that matter).

Getting a look-in in at a Bostonian film fest is an updating of Edgar Allen Poe in The House of Usher.

A Kansas website, in it's coverage of local film festivals, briefly mentions a film called The Empty Acre, which is terms a rural Gothic horror drama.
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