sheridan (sheridanwilde) wrote in wildewood_co_uk,

goth band histories

Metal website has published a history of My Dying Bride (described as doom-gothic metal, amongst others)

thegauntlet does a similar history of Lacrimas Profundere, but in the form of an answer to a question. Not entirely sure what the question was, maybe it got left out during copying-and-pasting somewhere along the line? Either that or it's the second part of a longer article, with no link to the earlier section.

theind (ependent Weekly) interviews deadboy and the Elephantmen, blues and Southern goth, though it's always difficult to tell what they mean by Goth (then again, that could be levelled at Goths too).

Never mind the wilds of Afghanistan and rogue mosques - the latest generation of terrorists is being trained in Gothic manor houses (allegedly). Only in the comments section of the Daily Mail will you see someone seriously use the phrase Johnny Foreigner.
Tags: goth, music
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