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casony royale

  Despite being a two-hour advert for Sony products from laptops to phones to cameras (and being preceded by slightly more overt adverts for the former two of those products), the new James Bond film is actually rather good...

  Taking the Batman Begins line, this brings us to the beginning of Bond's double '0' career (in fact showing us the kill that gives him the licence to kill - though not sure how you can kill someone to get a licence to do so). The first few minutes, all in black and white, are pretty violent - basically a message to us that this isn't the Bond we've seen before, and the first colour comes in the form of the familiar blood running down the screen. The title sequence is in the traditional sixties-style animation, though with a few computer effects added (nothing garish).

  The rest of the film is a mix of homage to previous films, explanations of how-things-came-to-be (attitude towards women, partiality to Martini, Aston Martins) though all of it is contemporary - M bemoans the passing of the cold war, and the modern world situation.
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